Statement from the curators of Collateral Damage:

It has come to our attention that the artist formerly known as “nibiiwakamigkwe” (Kay LeClaire) from our 2022 Collateral Damage Exhibition has made false claims regarding their heritage, their art, and their position in the Madison and Teejop communities claiming to be a“Métis, Onyota'a:ka (Oneida), Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), Cuban, Jewish, and waabishkiiwed Two-Spirit artist.” We are heartbroken and horrified that our platform was used to elevate someone to these ends, and we are deeply sorry for the pain it has caused. We realize that their participation in the exhibition gave them more access to an already vulnerable community. For that, we have made a contribution matching their artist stipend to HIR Wellness, a Milwaukee-based organization with a mission to “increase mental health accessibility and inclusivity for health justice through demonetizing the relationships between the mental health systems, and those seeking mental health services within Indigenous and historically under-invested and therefore chronically underserved communities.” We encourage anyone with information about who made the artwork shown here to please let us know so we can credit them. As the full impact of Kay LeClaire’s actions become revealed, we hope that all who this betrayal has hurt find the healing and justice they deserve. You can read the original local news report here: and the full list of allegations can be found here: Please consider donating to any of the following indigenous organizations as part of an effort to support these communities in Wisconsin:

Maeqtekuahkihkiw Mataemosak, Inc.

Wild Bearies


Yowela Farms

Wisconsin Indian Education Association

Team Wisconsin for this summer’s Indigenous Games

Ho-Chunk Nation Museum

Wunk Sheek

HIR Wellness

Wisconsin’s MMIW Task Force

Woodland Indian Art in Oneida

GLITC’s Indian Tribes of Wisconsin Youth Program

Little Eagle Arts Foundation

Cooperative Raíces para el Cambio

Red Magic Indian Community School in Milwaukee

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